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When and where were you born?

I was born in 1989 among monkeys and natives. More precisely in what is now known as Democratic Republic of Congo.

Do you study?

Yes, I am studying Graphic Design at U.B.A. (University of Buenos Aires).

What do you do?

Currently I'm working as a freelancer. I specialize in web design, front-end development (HTML/CSS/JS) and identity design.

What sets you apart from the rest?

Like Alex Cican well explains, personality is what not only sets us apart, but makes us unique.

And how would you describe your personality?

For starters, I pay special attention to the quality and uniqueness of my designs and, since I'm a perfectionist, I love caring for the details, even of the invisible. I'm also a transparent guy who prefers to say what he thinks and strives to do it the best way possible. I always aim at generating long-term relationships with my clients, so I focus on providing special attention to their needs, and I value honesty and respect above all.

Finally, I'm very pro-active and self-taught, but I enjoy a lot working with other people who love the web as much as me.

Are you on social networks?

Yes, you can stalk me on Dribbble, Behance, Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.

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